Midjourney is an independent research lab that produces a proprietary artificial intelligence program. It uses textual descriptions in order to generate breath-taking images in just seconds. AI combined with art might seem controversial for some artist, yet a huge portion of the internet is keen on testing out the waters of this technology while creating ‘artwork’ like never before. For example, we just featured some cool AI-generated Fruit Inspired Furniture last week. And today, here are AI works to show you how the famous star war characters would look if they were babies.

To generate art work like that, the current creation process consists of describing the image you want in as much detail as possible. Providing reference images and describing technical terms of photography and cinema are a plus in the process. Then ‘Midjourney’ provides 4 generated options and from there you can ask for variations on them or restart the process by refining the terms of the prompt. It’s still not as simple as some people imagine, which can cause frustration in some users.

In r/midjourney on Reddit, users shared the work of their imagination combined with famous characters from the movies, such as: Harry Potter, Avengers and Star Wars. And below collection shows our favorite work from Star War. Personally, I like Chewbacca mostly.



Mace Windu


Boba Fett

Darth Vader

Jabba The Hutt

Princess Leia




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