Sebastian Errazuriz is known for putting a humorous and often cynical twist on everyday objects. Errazuriz has a quite interesting Taxidermy Bird Lamp collection, where he clearly infuses different birds with lights.

Sebastian Errazuriz uses art and design as a vehicle for social commentary. The prolific Brooklyn-based designer explored the border between the sculptural and functional qualities of both art and design.

“I was actually afraid of the public’s reaction when I first presented the Duck Lamp. Taxidermy wasn’t a trend yet and I didn’t want to be considered a freak, but felt compelled to make it. Somehow it made sense to me and to my surprise when I presented it in a gallery, it seemed to make some weird, unconscious, fucked up sense to other people too. It apparently felt familiar, beautiful, terrible, and funny at the same time” Errazuriz explains about his taxidermy pieces.

The most famous one from Errazuriz’s bird light collection probably is a crystal chandelier tangled with 100 colourful stuffed birds. While he also has many other stunning sculpture lights like the chicken lamp, duck lamp or perch lamp. Take a look and see would you like have such kind of lamps at your home. If that is kind of your style, you can find taxidermy bird lamp from Etsy or Amazon in similar style

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