AI-generated art has become quite popular these days. We have been seeing many impressive creations. And Frank Jacobus, visual artist, architect, and architectural professor, has also delved into the realm and question: “What happens when fruit becomes furniture?”

And the answer is his playful new series titled “Fruity” presents a vivid collection of “juicy” fruit chairs – where ripe cantaloupe, passion fruit, grapes, and papayas become quirky new seating options.

Using Midjourney, Jacobus explores how emerging artificial intelligence technologies can envision new forms of hybridity and cross-pollination to fuse multiple objects with diverse identities into a new singular whole. In this series, he explores fruit and furniture as a hybrid through various surreal forms, shapes and textures.

Dragon fruit, blueberry, grape or orange. Which is your favorite Fruit Inspired Furniture?

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