I once wrote a blog about “Sculptural Book Art” from Brian Dettmer. Today, I will present you another amazing book carving art from a British artist Su Blackwell who creates beautifully intricate paper models from old books. After trawling second hand bookshops looking for novels, she’ll spend months carefully slicing the paper to create impressive works of art.

The models look as if they ‘grow’ naturally from the spine and pages of the book.

Amazing Book Carving

wild flower

Amazing Book CarvingAlice:Through the looking glass

Amazing Book Carvingwoman-sweeping

Amazing Book Carvingbook-tree

Amazing Book Carvingchurch

Amazing Book Carvingforest

She never uses first editions or rare books, but Miss Blackwell had to overcome an initial sense of guilt when cutting up the books. She said: “I began feeling guilty about cutting up the books but I had the integrity that I would create something magical from it”.

Amazing Book Carvingthe wild swans

Amazing Book Carvingthe secret garden

Amazing Book Carvingbirds of the open forest dawn series

Amazing Book Carvingbirds, beasts and fishes

To see more of Su Blackwellès work, click here to visit her website.

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