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Incredible Photo Realistic Drawing

Our site once featured some awesome photo realistic drawings from Paul Lung, who is a great artist and really good at making photo-realistic drawing for cats. And today, we will present you some other...


Doodling a Smile: Optimistic Illustration from Heng Swee Lim

Heng Swee Lim, the Kuala Lampur, Malaysia-based illustrator creates bright and sunny works that will turn anyone’s day around. Filled with optimism and hope, they have that child-like innocence to them that’s wonderfully refreshing.


Creative Transformation: From Vintage Trailer to Living Space

Matthew Hofmann from Hofmann Architecture recently completed a contemporary renovation of a vintage 1970′s Airstream trailer which currently serves as an efficient living and working space. The project is inspired by Matthew’s thought “live...


12 Creative Advertisement Inspired by Straws

Straw, is something simple we will use when to have a drink. While in those creative advertiser’s view, straw can turn in to really juicy inspiration and create some funny and expressive advertising design....


Amazing X-rays Flower Photography From Hugh Turvey

It doesn’t take much to notice the beautiful complexity in the nature that surrounds us, less so when it comes to flowers, but photographer Hugh Turvey decided to capture that beauty in a manner...


25 Creative and Powerful Public Interest ads Design

Lots of people are worrying about our environment, human relationship, health, and etc., They try to get their message passed to the public, and to arise the public awareness of the importance of protecting...


Exploration the Dramatic Life of Nails

We once featured the a set of nails photography made by Vlad Artazov’s one year ago. And today, we will present you with another great set of photos created by Andrei Nikolaev of Russia....


20 creative and Humorous Beer Advertisement

Ooh… It is summer time, time for ice, beer and bikini. We have already presented you with 21 Creative Ice Tray Design on our Monday’s post, so today, let’s talk something about the Beer....


Furniture Transformer – Boxetti collection

Boxetti collection is one of the most fancy furniture designs I’ve ever seen. It is driven by three basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism. Each of Boxetti modules...


Creative Fork Creation

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see forks? Obviously, delicious food that you can gulp in. But, here is a slight twist in the today’s post which I...