Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Never underestimate the power of simple office supplies, such as Post-it Note. This a small square with re-adhearable adhesive on the back, is designed as as a reminder, a note, or for organization. But some creative people among us don’t see it as only a productivity tool… they see it as a medium for colorful art. Thanks to them, we can see those amazing post-it notes creations in today’s Post.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-It Notes + Wallpaper = Pixelnotes. [link]

This wallpaper, made by Duncan Wilson and Sirkka Hammer, consists of four notes of grey tones with a red backing. Pixelnotes create a functional wall – as you pick up the notes, the wall changes aesthetically.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Store display windows for Christian Dior [link]

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it Notes – Hand [link]

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it Notesl – guitar [link]

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

The Post-It Notes Jaguar [link]

It might not be high art but it certainly makes a pop impression by this Post-It Notes Jaguar

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it mosaic: It’s Elvis.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Pixel Home by Rebecca Murtaugh [link]

Look at the sofa, lamp, cushion, wall…. Rebecca Murtaugh just try to plaster everything in notes, from living room to bedroom

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

TO DO [link]

“TO DO” is a project by the New York based public art collaborative, Illegal Art. Feel free to write your own “to do” list on a Post-it. Please do not remove any Post-its. We will be documenting the project as the week continues and installing new Post-its as the space fills.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Office pranks done with Post-it notes [link]

To make office like that, it cost around 5000 post-it notes.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Eagle from 3M ‘The Post-it Note-able Art Competition”

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it Notes: 3 color palettes Wall…. [link]

It’s almost hard to look at this incredibly vibrant wall of notes without your vision swimming somewhat. The stark contrast between the wall and the rest of the room creates a surreal backdrop an otherwise ordinary space.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it Notes: Donkey Kong [link]

The Donkey Kong installation took the team of ten people about five hours to complete, and used over 6,400 colored Post-it Notes (although they had to buy over 14,000 of the little sticky buggers to get all the colors they needed.)

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

I’ve Lived (Post-it Notes for Neighbors), Brooklyn, NY [link]

This is an interesting project. Public art installation on a storefront window in Carroll Gardens. It’s a question every New Yorker wonders – how much is my neighbor paying for their apartment? “I’ve Lived” was an interactive installation that helped demystify the topic by inviting local residents and other passers-by to share information about their living situation.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it Notes lamp (two tones) [link]

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it Notes Tommy Orange Fresca [link]

This is the infamous post-it note mural of a Thomson’s gazelle. It rocks.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it Notes Marilyn [link]

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it Notes Mario [link]

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

what a great thing to see walking into work!

when post-it meets origami [link]

Really pretty pink post-it art.

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

Post-it notes Fish [link]

This amazing work is done by 14,000 post it notes. Awesome!

Amazing Post-it Notes Art

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  1. Veronica says:

    thank you for posting such a creative work!

  2. Akansha says:

    Hey amazing post dear. They are marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Heavy Robot says:

    I love seeing big pixelated artwork like these. Thanks for pulling these all together in one place.

    If you’re feeling inspired you to make some post-it note artwork yourself, Heavy Mural ( may be able to help you out. It can help to take an image and break it down into pixelated artwork with assembly instructions. It’s by no means perfect for everyone’s needs, but may be for your idea!

    Look forward to seeing the next big pixel artwork!

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  3. June 15, 2014

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