What is better than a photo of beautiful dancing women? I will say a beautiful women dancing again breathtaking landscape! Below pictures are from the amazing Moscow-based photographer Kristina Makeeva who travels the world looking for inspiring locations, then photographs girls, ballerinas, and dancers in those locations.

Although Kristina’s photography looks very “magic”, there’s nothing very different about that, except that Makeeva has an amazing eye for pairing locations with fabrics and props and poses. When the beauty of the dance and the beauty of the place combine, she creates a beautiful, visually-satisfying whole. As I woman, I am very curious about where does Makeeva get these beautiful dresses…. and get all her fabrics flying around in just the right way. I want to take photo like these.

All images property of Kristin Makeeva. More info: Instagram

Baikal – Model: Elizaveta Ovcharenko

Baikal – Model: Elizaveta Ovcharenko

Baikal – Model: Elizaveta Ovcharenko

Baikal – Model: Elizaveta Ovcharenko

Moscow – Model: Polina

Moscow – Model: Darian

Moscow – Model: Stanislava Postniva

Moscow – Model: Darian Volkova

Moscow – Model: Stanislava Postnova

Kenya – Model: Stacy Michuki

Canada – Model: Valeriya Bespalova

Pink Lake – Model: Violetta Jirova

Pink Lake – Model: Violetta Jirova

Nikola-Lenivets – Model: Maria Marss

Paris – Model: Vera Brezhneva

Kazakhstan – Model: Elina Kouli

Flamingo Lake – Model: Violetta Jirova

Cappadocia – Model: Katya Zaytseva

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