People do different things during the lockdown – someone cut imaginative cardboard, someone bake incredible pies while Owen Reiser‘s lockdown project is to capture an absolutely stunning time-lapse of the mushrooms that were growing and shriveling in his backyard over the past 8 months.

It all started when Reiser, a biology student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, spotted some “crazy looking mushrooms” near the nature preserve around his college campus. Then he started to wonder what it would be like to see them grow. Hence he decided to make a time-lapse video to reveal the life and death of the mushrooms.

To create the time-lapse, Reiser captured over 10,000 images of the blooming fungi and spent a great deal of time putting it all together. And the end result is this stunning time-lapse video, which captures the short life cycles of a variety of species. Below are some of Reiser’s mushroom video and if you head over to his Instagram’s page, you can find more about the other things.

h/t: smithsonianmag