When Beth Carroll‘s work is placed in the natural surrounding, it might look like birds like her embroidery hoops and always try to land on it. But in fact, these birds are just Carroll’s hand-stitched creations.

The Australian-born and Ireland-based artist captures different species of colorful birds the moment they have landed for rest. Then she makes these depictions all the more captivating by embroidering a tail that extends past the hoop’s border.

Carroll uses a special approach to do this called stumpwork, using wired slips and tulle fabric. To do so, Carroll first stitch the bird in a big hoop or move the tule inside the hoop so she can use it for support. Once she completed the tail, she carefully trim the tulle to the edge of the embroidery and then finish the edges. With this creative approach, the result then looks as though the bird is sitting on the edge of a cage.

You can purchase original art from Carroll via her online store, and keep up to date with her latest projects of birds embroidery by following her on Instagram.

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