BloomingTables is a small business located in sunny San Diego, who try to help someone lives far from nature can still enjoy the beauty of it. Blooming Tables is an innovative option to incorporate their favorite botanical scenes into their homes. This living furniture line combines beauty and functionality, in a sleek and modern way.

Blooming Tables uses a minimalist design that features a waterproof acrylic basin to house your new garden. Beneath the trough, you’ll find a valve to drain off any water. Above your plants rests a removable glass top that’s held down with UV resistant suctions cups so you can still use your furniture and properly display your garden between watering sessions.

Now, you can care for a manageable gardens-cape that might include a variety of succulents or cacti, or even microgreens or vines. So, no more excuse of not having enough space for your plants.

For now, Blooming Tables product lines includes four types: desk, coffee table, side table and entryway table. And each type has two color white and black. If you are interested in getting yourself a beautiful, space-saving furniture as well as embracing the green lifestyle, Blooming Tables probably is a good options.

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