Renowned glass artist Alex Bernstein Bernstein transcends the boundaries of conventional artistry, meticulously crafting, shaping, and refining glass into mesmerizing sculptures that captivate the senses. His award-winning creations, showcased in the Diamonds, Discs, and Half Moons collection, unravel a narrative woven with organic shapes, inviting viewers into a realm where color, form, and light converge in a symphony of visual delight.

Every piece in Alex’s collection is a testament to his unparalleled mastery of glass. From Diamonds to Discs and Half Moons, each sculpture bears witness to Bernstein’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. The interplay of metaphor, sculpted glass, and the artist’s profound understanding of light and color creates an intimate narrative landscape, exploring themes of time, creation, and transformation.

Alex skillfully mirrors natural processes in his glasswork, drawing inspiration from the dynamic forces of oxidation, erosion, growth, and decay. The result is a collection that echoes the fluidity of water, the crystalline beauty of ice, and the rugged contours of mountains and canyons—seemingly immutable structures caught in perpetual change.

His sculptures, whether set against rusted steel backdrops or erupting from steel-encrusted bases, reflect a sense of exploration and experimentation. Transparent layers of color dance with ambient light, revealing the artist’s profound connection to the medium and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of sculptural expression.

In Alex’s own words, “Exploration of new ideas is what drives my passion.” His career has birthed a visual language, a nuanced repertoire of techniques—texture, surface, color, opacity, and translucency—that he employs to articulate the stories embedded in his sculptures. Each creation is a manifestation of his curiosity, enthusiasm, and commitment to breathing new dimensions into the art of sculpture.

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