The Ceramic Statue Face Vase is such a unique vase that easily attract everyone’s eyes. Its uncommon style and taste reveal personality. The vase is hand-made from white ceramics with a glazed surface. The bottom of the vase is equipped with a non-slip mat, which is more stable and has an ingenious quality.

The smooth body of the bottle produces different light and shadow changes with the turning, and it changes with plants at different times in various artistic scenes. It is easy to control different styles, whether it is simple, luxury or classic. No matter it is dried or fresh flowers, it can be matched.

If you haven’t found the perfect Valentine’s gift for your significant one, this can be a great option. Of course, you can just get it as a elegant home decoration. It can be placed along in a corner or in the center of the table. A little bit of flowers or just by itself can easily create an artistic atmosphere around the your home. Get it from Amazon or Etsy.

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