After the pandemic, people have started to look for opportunities to travel out more than ever before. If you have a busy schedule, taking time to travel for a week or so might not be possible. However, city breaks can be beneficial for you, especially a city break in Vienna with Voyage Privé. If you are looking to plan a short holiday, then you might want to read on. Here is everything you need to know about the places to visit in your time in Vienna.

About Vienna

Before jumping into the tourist attractions, you need to understand what makes Vienna different from others. This town has a lot of history dating back to when it was ruled by the Celtic tribe known as the Allobroges. Vienna was also governed by Romans in the late 9th century and then finally given to French sovereignty in 1450.

Due to all of the above reasons, Vienna is the center of French and Roman history. It is covered with French repositories of Roman and medieval buildings. The town is also situated in a depression surrounded by hills. It has some of the best natural sceneries with buildings portraying their historical importance.

Places to visit in Vienna

As mentioned above, Vienna was the heart of Christianity and other rich heritages, so it is filled with historical buildings and museums. It isn’t easy to cover them all in a span of a few days. So here are the places you should visit when you are short on time:

1. Sigmund Freud Museum

The museum was founded in 1971. The building itself has been covering Sigmund Freud’s whole life. Located at Alsergrund district at Berggasse 19, it covers the history of psychoanalysis.

Freud’s rooms now contain all the writings and work that he did in 47 years of his life there. The art displayed in special exhibitions and art collections is supposed to show the influence of psychoanalysis on art and society.

2. Prater Amusement Park

Prater amusement park, also known as Wurstelprater amusement park, was opened to the public by Emperor Joseph 2 in April 1766. The park is filled with rides ranging for all age groups.

While adults should try out the Aqua Gaudi ride, children should test out their courage in the Alt Wiener ghost train; there is something for everyone. The main attraction of the park is its big Ferris wheel which lets you have a beautiful look at the city from up and above. If you are following the pandemic restrictions, this amusement park is sure to be a fun experience.

3. Imperial Treasury

The Imperial Treasury at La Hofburg contains a lot of valuable treasures depicting the history of Vienna as the center of Christian heritage. It includes a collection of treasures that were collected by the house of Habsburg throughout centuries. The main attraction of the treasury is the imperial crown, orb, and scepter of Austria.

The treasury itself is divided into two collections, namely the secular collection and the ecclesiastical collection. From the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire to the narwhal tooth, which is said to be a unicorn’s horn, this treasury is filled with European history.

After visiting these three places and enjoying the natural sceneries of Vienna, if you have some more time on your hand, then you should try visiting the Vienna Naschmarkt to buy souvenirs, clothing, or accessories. You can also try to see the Schonbrunn Palace. With beautiful architecture, including a whopping 1441 rooms and well-maintained gardens and statues, there are many things that will pique your interest.

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