Many people found their hidden talents during the lockdown. They have time and energy to work on something they don’t have time for usually. Like New Zealand based food artist Devoney Scarfe, she uses pie-making as a way of relieving the boredom, fulfilling my creativity, and also getting dinner on the table!

Her pies consist of pop culture references, expletive-laden crusts, and therapeutic color gradients — all exquisite reflections her family, mood and internet culture. They are a mix of books, films, television, and other pop culture resources. Pie making has been a surprisingly great way for her to channel her frustrations, boredom, and creativity. It has provided a distraction and dinner for the family all in one!

Just as Scarfe mentioned, the family can eat those awesome looking pies within 5 minutes even each one might take her more than 72 hours to make. When asked about the taste. Scarfe said, “I don’t follow a recipe for my fillings; I like making up recipes. It adds to the excitement, but also means some are amazing and others are just OK. All have been edible though. The sweet pies are always a hit with the family, everything tastes good with a bit of sugar.”

Below are some of amazing pies from Scarfe. And you can find more on her Instagram page which has more than pies but cake and cookies as well.

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