It is officially October today and the the lovely pumpkin season is on the way. Want to stand out at your next Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Pumpkin party? Ditch boring plastic pumpkin kits. Go with this super unique pumpkin spout kit (amazon) that you can turn that orange gourd into a festive drink dispenser.

Just scoop out the stringy, seed-filled innards of your pumpkin. Attach the stainless steel spigot. And then fill it up with some kind of festive concoction like spiked pumpkin juice, pumpkin ale, apple cider, or any other appropriate Halloween beverages you can think of. The best part of it is your drink will always come out with natural pumpkin flavor.

This pumpkin beverage dispenser is easy to clean so that you can use it no matter how many times you throw your pumpkin fiesta! Sounds good? Stock one (buy from amazon) before your next party.

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