Personally, I don’t like snake or I am a bit scared of it. While I have to admit, when you put hats on snakes, somehow, they are not scary anymore. And you can even call them cute!

Serpent-cosplay is arguably the first instance of costuming in history…with a twist! A little known fact is that Eve was convinced by a hat-wearing snake to offer the apple to Adam. And today, snakes with hats are shunned no more, and are accepted members of society.

There’s even an entire r/SnakesWithHats dedicated to the subculture. From classic rattlesnakes in cowboy hats to albino snakes dressed like unicorns, there is a little something of everything. Below are 20 our favorite snakes with hats from the collection. And if you enjoy it, you can check this reddit page for more ideas.

If you happen to have a pet snake needs to be dressed up, you can check Etsy. There are some stores that offer handmade snake hats. Or you can make one yourself.

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