Cloud Bed, is a kind of murphy bed but without the manual labor. Unlike the normal murphy bed which got folded into a cabinet or wardrobe, cloud bed lifted itself into the air. That might not sound like there are much difference. However, if you compare the process, you will find the effort needed to make a bed is quite different.

Let’s think about what you need to do to hide a bed in cabinet? It like you need to make your bedding everyday! But with cloud bed, just one touch of a button, then your bed is in the cloud now.

Designed by Brooklyn-based company Ori, this bed system is a smart home furniture solution that’s designed to optimize space and minimize effort. Currently, it has two versions, sofa edition and table edition. Both editions work in the same way. Operating with just the touch of a button, a queen or king-size bed that can be effortlessly stowed in the ceiling. Thanks to Ori’s safety-certified mechanism, this quiet transition only takes 30 seconds. Once the bed is safely tucked away, a table ascends to desk or dining height. Now, your sleeping area becomes a home office or place to eat. With the sofa edition, the bed doubles as a sitting area with a three seater sofa.

Although there are no prices listed on the company’s website, we all know the extra space will come with a price tag.

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