We love Lego and we always try our best to explore the new use of it. Today we will present you with a cool idea, to create a self-portrait made by Lego. The Austrian company named Brixels, makes their business to produce portraits of people using the popular Danish toy bricks. Following are some sample effects. Those mosaics consist of thousands of tiny 1×1 Lego bricks in one of four colors: black, dark Grey, light Grey and white

Cool Self-portrait made by LegoBruce-lee

Cool Self-portrait made by LegoObama

Cool Self-portrait made by LegoMichael Jackson

Cool Self-portrait made by LegoMarilyn

Cool Self-portrait made by LegoTurtles

Looks cool? But it is actually pretty pricy. I am thinking maybe I can do that by myself… mosica my photos, greyout it, index it then order some grey bricks from amazon??? Sounds like complicated…(lol) Anyway, I will update you guys the result of my tryout…

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