Creating unique and comfortable living spaces in a studio apartment can be a challenge. Between ensuring enough storage and making the area feel spacious, there’s a lot to consider. Designed by Cartelle Design, this Saint Petersburg studio apartment offers 38.4 square meters of living space without sacrificing style. The key to its success lies in smart use of dividers, building materials, and storage solutions to create distinct areas for dining, sleeping, and entertaining.

The apartment features several distinct areas: a bright kitchen, a cozy bedroom, a functional workspace, and a relaxing living area. Clever room dividers, such as sliding metal partitions, help create the feeling of separate rooms within the compact space. The consistent use of grays and light woods throughout the apartment ensures a cohesive look while maintaining an open, airy feel.

Natural light pours in from the terrace accessible through the living area. Sleek, minimal furniture, like tall white bar stools in the kitchen and a contemporary couch and accent chair in the living area, keep the space from feeling cluttered. The decor is minimal, with the focus on geometric shapes and a soothing, contemporary aesthetic achieved through shades of gray and natural wood, accented by black partitions and dark furnishings for contrast.

The home workspace is ultra-minimalist, with a built-in shelf desk providing storage underneath. A flat-screen TV is strategically mounted to be viewable from the kitchen, dining area, and living space. The bedroom, set on its own platform, features built-in shelving and tall cabinets for ample wardrobe storage. Adjustable sliding partitions offer privacy while still allowing visibility into other areas of the apartment.

Lighting plays a crucial role in the design. A movable floor lamp in the living room provides adjustable lighting, while built-in wall lighting enhances the seamless flow between spaces. The bedroom’s platform and shelving are made from the same natural wood used throughout the apartment, creating a unified look. A single adjustable reading light above the bed adds functional illumination.

The kitchen, accessible from the living area, features a central island with seating for two, making it a distinct dining area within the studio. The white cabinets and light gray tiles maintain the apartment’s modern look, while red bathroom tiles and black fixtures add a touch of contrast. Despite its compact size, the bathroom offers ample storage under the vanity.

Storage is a common concern in studio apartments, but this design maximizes vertical space with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and custom closets, ensuring there’s enough storage throughout the main living areas. Overall, this studio apartment by Cartelle Design is a masterclass in creating a comfortable, stylish, and functional living space within a small footprint.

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