51 Creative Name Card Design

Group 3: Irregular shape
This kind of card is not in the normal rectangle shape, some of them even can be split or foldaway. From this meaning, they are more like a piece of art instead of name card.

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

Creative Name Card Design

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24 Responses

  1. ruiqi says:

    the 1st pic one name tag is nice.
    May i knw how to print word on the plastic paper? i been try it but the ink cant stay on the paper.

  2. ahlost says:

    Very creative design ;)

    But it would be expensive to do such designs for namecards.. :(

  3. cyling says:

    i like 1pic name card. ..

    where to order???

  4. Aditya says:

    Very creative design

  5. basil says:

    hi .. if i want to have a design of thes card how i will get it and order it ..

    thanks with regards .. .

  6. Jacq says:

    May I know how to order the namecards?

  7. gohjielong says:

    i want to view all of the creative name card.. tq

  8. Kobsoft says:

    I like your business card design that’s a great design (Professional)

  9. name badges says:

    Thanks for the post, enjoyed it.

  10. Kevin Irvin says:

    I have been reading a few of your posts and have enjoyed it. Keep it up

  11. Ana says:

    Hey thanks alot, im planning on getting some business cards made out and this is just what i needed! i think the coolest one is the amelia lyon ones

  12. Alex says:

    Agreed. Special material always makes a business card awesome. Might be pretty expensive but it’s worth it.

  13. I have been reading a few of your posts and have enjoyed it. Keep it up

  14. Luis Lorenzo says:

    Thanks for posting this article. Many info I got here.Keep writing

  15. Solomon baldwin says:

    Very nice to stop in on this blog. Like reading this post. Keep it up admin.

  16. BoH says:

    I would like to know is that a way that i could ask for a design for my name card? It’s beacause I do really love the design as shown above.


  17. Junaid Khalil says:

    realy creative
    are to much gooddddd
    like it

  18. Surya Jawa says:

    i like number 2.. looks professional and cool!!
    kile it.. trasparent :D

  19. frankluu says:

    Hey thanks alot, i like it :))

  20. BAIG TIMES says:

    it is wonderful really inspiring

  21. jyoti bhatt says:

    wonderful and inspiring too………….i like them

  22. Baitul Ulum says:

    Like theme so much.. looks elegant!

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