As a parent, there are many lessons and concepts you must teach your child to help them succeed in school and as an adult. Fractions can be difficult to help kids learn and grasp, but there are a few creative ways to help them gain more of an understanding.

Use Different Visuals

It can be difficult to put the idea of fractions into words, which makes it necessary to use visuals and images when teaching your child. You can use a grid-based system using a whiteboard to use fractions with various types of shapes. Once they see the visual you provide, you can give them an activity to allow them to try it on their own. There are many fraction printables available online to use.

Play Games

Not only is playing games fun, but it can also be an educational opportunity when you need to teach your child how to understand fractions. Fun fraction activities can make a boring topic into a fun activity that is interactive and engaging. Try the Missing Numerators game, which helps kids determine the missing numerator before they can move a few spaces forward. The games work just as well as practice and can help kids become more confident in their skills.

Domino fraction games can also be just as useful by using the two opposite sides of dominos as fractions. Kids can also draw fractions as they play, which can allow them to add fractions, match fractions, and also compare fractions.

Using Technology

There are many different tech tools to take advantage of when you want to teach fractions to make learning easier. Utilize many apps and online resources to solidify the different concepts. Fractions.Smart.Pirates and Squeebles Fractions are popular apps to try out because they include fun games and many visuals to change up the routine and practice your kids have each day. Kids can learn about fractions as they play games involving cake or pizza slices, which can make it more relatable.

Use Hands-on Activities

Consider building fraction kits with your children at the beginning of every fraction you plan to discuss. Although fractions are abstract ideas, using visuals with activities you provide can allow kids to quickly grasp the subject. Manipulatives are also useful for making the abstract ideas more real and concrete.

Know Your Goals and Objectives

Write out your goals and objectives ahead of time to ensure you with strategic instruction that can help kids address issues they’re struggling with as they learn. You may also need to use different online resources to ensure your curriculum isn’t off and utilize focused lessons to help kids overcome limited understanding, a lack of practice or some common misconceptions.

There are many creative ways to teach your child fractions and help them enjoy learning throughout the process. By utilizing different tools and resources available, it can make math easier to understand and help kids develop a greater interest in the topic.

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