Today is the officially last day of the whole celebration of Chinese Spring Festival. And we want to celebrate that with this delectable pomegranate pie made by creative baker Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka The Pieous). The pie features a stunning, hand-painted tiger sleeping on a branch of a cherry blossom tree.

Clark-Bojin documented the entire process of creating the complex pie crust, from drawing and cutting out the paper stencil, to molding the dough into the right shapes, and finally, painting the details. I am no idea how long it will take to make such masterpiece. But in the end, all Clark-Bojin’s hard work paid off. That scrumptious pomegranate filling pie is definitely an edible work of art.

Scroll down to see how Clark-Bojin creates that awesome pie. And if you got inspired and want to try yourself, it might worth getting a copy of Clark-Bojin’s book “Pies are Awesome” (amazon), which walks through some of her best designs with step-by-step photos and instructions. Or you can simply like me, follow her Instagram page and mouthwatering at her scrumptious creations.

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