I thought I had seen many different hair styles and won’t make a fuss anymore. But Spanish stylist Alexis Ferrer‘s La Favorite series really blow me away. It is literally the first time I saw someone had painting on their head.

According to Ferrer, “La Favorite is a collection inspired by an artisanal period of France. Flowers and animals inspired couturiers to create the best fabrics for the French bourgeoisie during the XVIII century.” Hence, Baroque-inspired paintings of flowers, berries, insects, and birds are widely used.

I won’t say how much I like this style. However, I can see if there are wigs or clip on hair accessories that can have the similar effect, many people will give it a try. Because that is truly unique!

Scroll down to see more images from La Favorite. Or follow Ferrer on Instagram to learn more about his creative hair creation.

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