The whimsical Gardens presented in this article are crafted by Moscow-based fiber artist Rosa Andreeva. Somehow, the plants in garden seem to grow from tufts of moss, floating pollen, and cracked teacups. While besides the cracked teacaps are actually made of china, everything else is Andreeva’s embroidery work.

Teeming with whimsy, the dense embroideries balance tight stitches with loose ends that form the three-dimensional thistle heads, violet pansies, and various florals. To create such kind of the fairytale scenes, Andreeva need first sketch the flora and fauna onto her fabric. However, the final work usually differs from the original idea as she always looks to add something new textured details in thread and beads.

Please be noted, this garden series is only part of Andreeva’s work. There are more stunning artwork that you can find more on her Instagram. And if you are lucky, you will find some of these works are available for purchase there.

h/t: Lustik

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