We all get tired of the treadmill we’re on sometimes, especially when one week looks far too similar to the one that preceded it and the one that follows. This is why, especially during the pandemic, many of us were seeking a bit of an escape.

One thing that could help us escape from the drudgery of daily life could be photography. Beautiful imagery, after all, could take your mind away to a better, more interesting place when things seem hard.

Here, we ask photo sharing site ClickASnap about the benefits of escaping through photography.

The power of escapism

Taking the pressure off and temporarily disconnecting from the rigours of life and work is something we are all likely to be searching for at some point in our lives. Often just a bit of time away immersing yourself in a hobby or distraction can equip you to deal with situations more readily and handle obstacles without losing it.

Many people will stop and watch a movie, binge watch a series or read or book, but for others they need to get out and about. Photography is an excellent reason to get out and about. It can bring purpose to a journey and create lasting memories that can be shared, so even if it is a walk with the dog, a trip with the kids or to see the flowers and countryside, taking a camera is such a great idea.

How photography opens the door to creativity

Escaping with a camera may start as a local trip with the purpose of photography as a distraction, but it is hard to escape the joy that you feel when you look back through the photos. Perhaps only as you look back will you realise the fun you had, forgetting your worries and loving the feeling or recreating happy times.

How to get started

It’s easy to escape with a camera; even phone cameras are pretty impressive these days, so you probably don’t even have to spend a great deal to get started. Then choose your destination and get snapping. The more you enjoy your new hobby the more you are likely to seek escape to other worlds and places and enjoy the creativity it brings out in you. Not only are you doing wonders for your mental health, but you also have a hobby you can use to make the more mundane times in your life a little easier to manage.

When you get the bug

Why not share it with others? Join an online photo sharing community with a community of fellow photography lovers from amateur to professional. You can share your work and view others to inspire and teach you. Through photo sharing sites you can not only escape in the images created by others, but you can also grow as a photographer, sharing as much or as little of your work as you choose and keeping your images organised. You never know, your hobby could even make you a little money.

Does it work?

The Amateur photographer magazine recently told the story of one reader who uses his love of photography to give him the escapism he needs from the anxiety and stresses of his day job. Whatever your reason, photography is proven to help with mental health and can see you visiting some great places, finding a love of nature and the environment and the chance to create some beautiful images and memories to keep forever.

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