Step into a world where art and dessert collide in a symphony of sweetness with Dreamscape, the enchanting edible installation crafted by Chicago’s own Hyun Jung Jun of Dream Cake Test Kitchen. Delicate meringues dance amidst an ethereal garden, their airy forms adorned with intricate airbrushed drawings 🍰✨.

Hyun Jung Jun is a master of sculptural pastries, weaving landscapes of joy with each delectable creation. From towering mountains to babbling streams and graceful birds, her edible artworks are more than just desserts—they are ephemeral reminders to cherish fleeting moments of beauty and delight.

Venturing beyond the conventional, Jun infuses her culinary masterpieces with unexpected flavors like black sesame, green pea, roasted tomato, and Chinese five spice. Paired with luscious buttercream piping and delicate edible flowers, her creations tantalize the taste buds while enchanting the senses.

But Jun’s artistry extends beyond taste; it fosters a sense of communal joy and connection. Whether shared among friends or savored alone, her desserts inspire shared experiences of happiness and togetherness. After all, breaking bread together remains one of humanity’s most enduring rituals of connection.

Indulge your senses and explore more of Hyun Jung Jun’s whimsical creations on Instagram.

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