Flower and fashion seem get along quite well. We have featured several articles which seemly blend these two topics (here, here and here). And today, we will show you the creation of Momotsuki, a Japan-based botanical artist. Treating flowers and leaves as regular art supplies like paper and paint, Momotsuki made these fairy dresses with flowers, petals, and leaves.

According to the artist, “the idea of making fairy dresses dates back to her childhood. She was not able to make it a reality until much later; however, she did start gardening at a young age. A couple of years ago, while recovering from depression, she took a walk in the garden, suddenly saw a flower, and set her sights on fashioning a fairy dress made out of roses, ivy, periwinkle, and hydrangea. ”

With each dress, Momotsuki always shares her list of used materials, including what kind of blooms she incorporated to each miniature dress. The artist displays her creations on decorated moss-covered or wood mountings. It makes me feel like there is a fashion show for forest fairies.

If you love her work, the artist offers calendars, greeting cards, and other goodies featuring her fairy dresses on her web store. Or you can simply follow her on Instagram to find out how the next fairy dress looks like.

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