I am not a big fan for those sugar cookies with icing. They might look cute, but I just simply don’t want to have that much sugar. Moreover, I might be still okay to have one or two in animal shape, but definitely not looks like socks and shoes. It just makes me feel so weird.

Let’s imagine the conversation. “Hi, how the socks taste like?” “Hmm, not bad, sweet, creamy with vanilla flavor.” 🤔 …

But the award-winning dessert designer Liz Joy (previous) probably won’t think this way. Joy creates fashion-inspired cookies that look just like miniature fashion items. From jeans and t-shirts to shoes and bags, Joy can turn any piece of clothing or accessory into an edible treat. Each cookie features an incredible amount of detail and realistic texture. For example, Joy even created a pretty lace bodice with intricately piped icing that looks just like embroidery.

It’s no surprise that some of her clients include fashion giants, such as Christian Louboutin. Each debonair dessert beautifully pays homage to whatever is “in vogue,” as well as real items that are in the artist’s own closet.

Check out Joy’s fashion-inspired cookies below and find more from her portfolio on Instagram.

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