Liz Joy graduated in 2005 with her degree in Graphic Design. She started out her career as an art director in Hollywood before she started her own business, Inspired To Taste, where she designs one-of-a-kind edible art.

You might already knew Joy from her famous elaborate pies. But today, we will show you something smaller, like cookies. But they are not ordinary cookies, they are cookies shaped like clothing and fashion accessories, such as bag, show, dress, hat and more. And these fashion items actually look exactly like what celebrities wear. Sometimes, Joy will put the celebrities’ photos beside her confectionery and you will be amazed by the details of her work.

And actually, I think that will be a really good idea to give these custom bakery as gifts in the fashion show, especially when the item cookie represents displayed in the show. Or a prank gift – I give you a pair of Gucci and you can actually eat it.

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