It happens that from time to time, you will lose concentration on what you are doing. Moreover, you may find that from time to time, you are getting tired even from the simplest tasks. Here is what you can do to make sure that you remain focused and avoid losing energy.

1. Get Rid Of Any Distractions

You cannot get rid of everything because some things are beyond your control. However, try as much as possible to reduce the distractions. You can successfully do away with distractions in the following ways:

  • Find a quiet place to work.
  • Closing your office door will prevent people from coming in for unnecessary banter.
  • Switch off your phone or at least turn off the notifications
  • Tell people around you that you need to get some work done, so they should quit distracting you. Tell them kindly, though.
  • Close tabs or apps that are not essential to your current task.

2. Take A Break From Social Media

Besides turning off your phone’s notification, you need to also say no to social media. While working, avoid checking your WhatsApp messages or Facebook notifications. Consider getting software or apps that will block your social media. Also, as long as you are still working but you want to take a break. Do not be tempted to check your social media. Indulge in other activities which are far more relaxing yet not as distracting as social media.

3. Plan Your Tasks

Get into the habit of planning your tasks from the most urgent to the least urgent ones. Consider the duration of each task, the deadline, the consequences it will bring to your life. You should treat the tasks that appear at the top of your list with utmost urgency.

Having a clear blueprint of what is required of you will help you stay focused on a particular day. Avoid having so many things to do simultaneously because you might not perform each task perfectly well.

4. What about hunger?

Being hungry will distract you from staying focused on the task at hand. Make sure you have had enough to eat and that you do not skip meals. It will help if you can find ways to boost your energy levels to stay focused while working. Always go for a balanced and healthy diet. Be sure also to have a healthy snacking habit that entails eating fruits and veggies. Most importantly, stay hydrated.

Healthy foods will prevent you from developing irritable bowel syndrome, contributing to fatigue and taking much of your energy. Notably, foods like eggs or apples boost energy levels in your body.


5. Get Sufficient Amounts Of Sleep

Getting insufficient sleep negatively impacts your ability to focus. An average of seven hours to eight hours is the ideal sleep duration for an adult. Good sleeping habits also prevent you from getting tired during the day.

Caffeine also may initially boost your energy, but it wears off as fast as it came. Reducing its intake will finally increase your urge to desired quantities.

Secondly, turn off all electronics one hour before your bedtime. This is because the blue light from these devices prevents your brain from falling asleep—alternatively, blue light filtering glasses can prevent the light from damaging your eyes. Try to relax by lighting scented candles, taking a warm bath, reading a book, or listening to calm music. Finally, ensure that your bedroom is cool and quiet.

6. Avoid Multitasking

It is not true that the human species, especially women, can multitask. What happens is that you take little breaks to concentrate on something else shortly before going back to what you were doing. In the real sense, multitasking makes you less focused. In the real sense, multitasking affects your brain, making you less focused. According to the American Psychological Association, multitasking reduces productivity by up to 40%.

7. Do Similar Tasks

As much as it is advised against multitasking, you can engage yourself in tasks that can be done together. Plan activities that are similar and do them one after the other. Doing so will help you to transition to the next move quickly. Furthermore, you may end up covering more ground as opposed to doing different tasks at the same time. It also saves you energy.

In conclusion, it will be wise to adopt the hacks discussed to counter your loss of focus problem or boost your energy level. However, remember rest is just as crucial as your productivity at work. When it becomes too much to bear, please take a pause.

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