Many people now have been finding comfort in their homes. Not only are you in the safe zone, but you get quality time with your family and a chance to redecorate your home. One idea to redecorate your home is to bring plants indoors.

Isn’t it relaxing to see a bit of nature beautifying your home? You might as well become plant parents if you will. So if you’re looking for attractive, affordable, and beneficial plants for your home, you may want to look at these options.

1. Coffee Plant

What about taking your coffee habit to its finest? A coffee plant is easy to take care of and convenient for you because you can obtain coffee beans from it, but it may take three to five years.

Flowers would grow once the plant is mature. If you decide to pollinate them by hand, they will produce berries that have coffee beans. Just look after them if they get dry, for their leaves would get droopy but would return to normal once watered. It also only requires indirect light.

2. Rubber Plants

Rubber plants require you to expose them in indirect and bright light. They are considered as a beneficial and natural air cleaner plant. Water the soil only when it is dry and experience the fresh air at your homes.

3. Fiddle Leaf Rigs

You have commonly seen this plant at most homes since it makes the area even more alive, space-filled and creates a dramatic illusion for your residences, condos, and apartments. They also purify the air. Place this in an indirect and bright room. Just water this when you see the dryness of the inch soil.

4. Philodendron

If you seek a long-lasting plant, then this plant would be ideal. The plant is satisfactory in absorbing xylene, which can be found in gasoline and paint thinner.

This plant only needs moderate water and sunlight. This only falls in medial maintenance. So, you better acquire this for a costly health safety measure.

5. Marigold

You probably see this plant in gardens, and some think that this is a lucky plant that brings money. But, do you know that this is one of the plants that repel insects? It is called a mosquito plant in which it can drive mosquitoes away.

This plant certainly beautifies the entire space, which makes it more welcoming to the guests when put beside the entrance door. These nourish more in an indirect sunlight spot. Water this plant if the first and second layer of the soil is seemingly dry.

6. Snake Plants

Perfect in filling the space of your bedroom and halls. It removes formaldehyde and benzene, which are considered to be air pollutants.

This plant eliminates toxicity overnight and an excellent absorbent of carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. You have to water them when the soil is dry and place them in an indirect light spot.

7. Ferns

If you want to have humid and cool air all throughout the day, then you might as well place a fern in the room. It is one of the super effective and costly indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins. Ferns do not only contribute to the moisture of the air but to your skin as well. So, if you want to have a clean and moisturized environment and skin, get a Fern now!

8. Aloe Vera

You don’t need to go to the pharmacy and market to buy skin treatments. The gel that this plant has is excellent to treat psoriasis and sunburns. It can also help smoothen your hair. Aloe vera also helps eliminate formaldehyde by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen which we are about to inhale. Make sure to keep this to a place direct to sunlight and water it every two weeks to make it last.

9. Anthurium

They are widely known for their heart-shaped and waxy texture flowers with a prominent stamen in the middle. Undoubtedly, your homes would be lit up, and this plant is eye-catching.

This plant is also listed under purifying plants for its large and dark leaves that absorb formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene and xylene, thus leaving clean air inside your home. You only need to water this two times daily and fertilize it occasionally. So, they are just in the intermediate maintenance.

10. Spider Plants

Spider plants are spectacular for fighting pollutants. Chlorophytum Comosum, a type of spider plant, has proven to absorb 90% of formaldehyde and carbon monoxide; thus, the air is purified indoors.

Formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are found in cigarette smoke which can have adverse effects on the human lungs. The plant only needs to be watered once a week and should be stored in a non-sunny spot.

Bottom Line

Once you have decided to acquire any of these plants, you would not only be comfortable living in your homes, but it will also give you the feeling of satisfaction seeing and having the knowledge that a simple plant and display could make your home eye-appealing and safe.

Are you worried about the cost of each? Well, you definitely need to cash out a little. Yes, only a little. Each plant is budget-friendly. You can also plant each one of them in your backyard and harvest them when the time is right for your convenience.

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