Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they don’t last long. Hence, there are many types of crafts which use dried flowers to help us enjoy our favorite blooms longer. Botanical embroidery is one of them.

Olga Prinku is an artist, maker and creator of the craft of flowers-on-tulle embroidery. Prinku developed a unique technique of embroidering which relies on dried flowers instead of thread, which are arranged on tulle. According to her bio, her journey started with learning how to crochet and knit. She then came to develop a floral embroidery technique using real organic material as her thread.

Botanical embroidery is one of those tasks that isn’t so easy to pick up just from staring at a few Instagrams. So, Prinku created tutorials to help with the process. And if you are interested, you can purchase Prinku’s book “Dried Flower Embroidery” and get your hand “floral” by creating your own craft. If you don’t feel crafty enough you can still follow Prinku on her Instagram to keep up to date with her latest works.

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