Malaysian illustrator Lim Heng Swee is one of our favorite illustrator. We have been featuring many of his witty works. Year ago, we showed some of his moody animal series and today, I came across its color version with some new work. Hence, I decided to re-present that to you guys again on this Monday.

Not sure about you, Monday always seem to be the toughest day for me. Hence, I used to be quite “moody” on Monday. And looks at the funny “Moody Animal Puns” created by Swee, I can’t help smiling. Yeah, we have the right to be lazy, fell overwhelmed and say the word “Dam it”.

Just like Swee said “It’s ok to be sad, moody, frustrated sometimes, all we need to do is rest, do nothing, be quiet a little while. The negative feeling will be digesting through time. At the time when we healed, we know we will be a better and happier person.”

Of course, I am glad if you feel good. But if not, so what. Moody is just FINE.

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