Do you want to travel with your house walking with you? With Encho Enchev‘s futuristic mobile home concept, your home can traverse rough terrain on mechanical legs that bring the itself and its residents to even the wildest and most remote destinations of tomorrow.

According to Enchev, “The house is meant to be for 2 people and a pet. It is fully functional and in theory should be possible to be built in the near future”. From the design you can see, this is not only a mobile home, but a mobile robot home propped up on mechanical legs that can traverse all kinds of terrain. Contained within a cubic frame, Enchev’s concept home blends the utopian, sci-fi design elements of retro years with futuristic transportation capabilities.

Supported by a collection of mechanical legs, the mobile home can either remain uplifted, an elevated distance from the ground, or descend from its raised height to merge with the ground. The mechanical legs are nimble and fortified by a 5cm layer of non-slippery rubber and two deployable spikes on the bottom of each leg, assuring each step the mobile home takes is bolted by some guaranteed friction. Enchev also equipped his concept home with four deployable harpoons that provide additional support for the house to remain in place even on rough terrain.

Inside, Enchev hoped to achieve a modern and high-tech layout through curved design elements. In Enchev’s design, the windows will use smart glass technology that can function like invisible blackout curtains.

Filled with plenty of household appliances like automated furniture and smart technology, Enchev’s mobile home is all about convenience at the end of the day.

The “standard” version includes:

  • 1 ATW
  • 2 mountain bikes
  • 2 shezlong
  • 2 terrace chairs + table
  • 1 emergency diesel fuel generator
  • 1 BBQ unit and additional supply and tool boxes.

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