Wine is capable of bringing people closer together; not only on special occasions but also on uneventful days. It can be used as a gift to celebrate momentous events such as anniversaries, house warmings, graduations, birthdays, and weddings. Picking the right wine gift can be daunting though, as there are several options available and many factors to consider.

One strategy is to choose based on the color of the wine. There are different shades, but you can go with either red or white to simplify your decision. The differences between them go beyond the grapes’ color, so here are some essential tips to assist you on your gift-shopping session.

When considering wines in the Piedmont Wine Region, remember that the area is renowned for its high-quality reds and whites, adding another layer of distinction to your choice.

Consider their health situation

When making white wine, the stems, seeds, and skins are removed before fermentation, while red wine is fermented with all of them intact. Since the grape skins are unscathed, red wine has a higher level of healthy plant compounds such as resveratrol and tannins. Research shows that resveratrol, an antioxidant, has numerous health benefits. It could help in preventing heart diseases, provide relief from joint pains, and delay cognitive decline.

In terms of caloric content, white wine contains fewer calories, making it more suitable for reducing or maintaining sugar intake. White wine would be the right gift for fitness-conscious individuals, while red wine with all its health benefits would suit anyone. It would be best to make sure that your recipient does not have any severe medical conditions. You can also get creative with your notecard and advise them to drink in moderation.

Ascertain their tastes

Since red wine contains tannins, it tends to taste bitter and leathery. The darker the wine, the higher level of tannins it contains. Wine enthusiasts would be more comfortable with the taste of red wines, while white wine is more suitable for beginners since most white wines have a fruity, acidic, or light taste. Most non-drinkers prefer white wine because it tastes sweeter and is more refreshing, especially during the summer. Some wines taste better when chilled, and others are served best at room temperature because of their composition.

Consider their food preferences

Drinking wine on its own is delicious enough, but pairing it with the right food can elevate anyone’s dining experience. Find out your recipient’s food lifestyle; are they meat lovers, vegetarians, pescetarians, or on a strict diet? If they love to cook, try to remember their favorite dishes.

Generally, red wine goes with red meat, while white wine blends well with light meat such as chicken and fish. Red wines can soften the protein in meats, thereby enhancing the fat flavors. White wine greatly complements fish dishes because of its acidity, helping it to taste fresher. If you’re unsure of your recipient’s food preferences, you can research wine facts or follow the recommended guidelines by experienced sommeliers to help you find the chemistry between wine and food.

Every day, we juggle several responsibilities that tend to leave us drained and in need of respite. It is quite common for many of us to destress by drinking a glass of wine after a tiring day. Wine is the perfect personal gift you can give to anyone, especially during these challenging times. It is a friendly reminder to raise their glasses and toast for brighter days ahead.

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