The roof is a critical place where damage or leakage can cause a lot of trouble. This is why knowing how to repair your roof and how to find the location of the leak is so important. A leaking roof can be repaired either by getting help from professionals or by doing it yourself. Below you will find descriptions of several roof repair methods depending on what the roof is made of and where the leak occurred.

How to find out where the roof is leaking

In most cases roof damage and roof leaks are difficult to detect. The leak may appear quite elsewhere than the signs of flooding. That’s why it’s helpful to know the places where leaks are most common.

The flashing around the chimney

This is the most common place where leaks occur. Especially where the chimney joins the roof slope. When you notice a leak in this area, you should replace the old flashing with new sheet metal. You can also use professional roofing tapes. These are modern materials that will get rid of leaks and gaps around the chimney. This material allows you to create a permanent connection and is water resistant.

How do you find a leak around the chimney? You should get on the roof and carefully inspect the connection points with the roof sheathing. Be very careful when doing this! Use a helmet and harness. You should be belayed by another person.

Leaky roof valley

If there is a roof valley on the roof of your house, it may also be the cause of the leak. It is the connection point between several planes, so it should be completely tight. If you realize that this component is leaking, you need to call in the professionals as soon as possible because fixing such a defect is complicated and often requires re-roofing the area.

Do you suspect that a leaky roof valley is the cause of the leak? To find out if this is the case, you should go out on the roof. See if it is just a small leak or if there is more serious damage, such as wind damage. As always, be careful and take precautions for your safety. Use a belay rope, harness and helmet.

Leaky roof windows

This is not, of course, about a window accidentally left open but about a damaged or poorly installed roof window. Poor installation or insulation can cause them to leak and slowly flood the house. If you notice that your windows are leaking, it is a good idea to seal them with new flashing. This will ensure that you are completely impermeable.

Suspect that a leaky roof window is responsible for your leaking roof? Head for the attic. Preferably while it is raining, then you can easily spot all the leaking spots. You can replace only one flashing, but it is good practice to change the whole set so that all parts are new and tight.

Damaged roof membrane

If searching for leaks in the areas mentioned above does not yield results, it could mean that the roof membrane has been damaged. This is located underneath the tiles and is designed to catch water.

Fortunately, to repair such damage you do not have to dismantle the roof and lay the foil again. It is enough to secure the tear with a special tape. It is durable, and resistant to humidity and high or low temperatures. With this approach the problem of leaking roof will be solved very quickly and, what is most important, effectively.

Roof repair – what you need to know

No matter what component is damaged, it is helpful to know how to handle a task such as roof restoration. In many situations, it helps not only when the roof is leaking, but also when there is other damage.

Flat roof repair

Flat roofs are usually made of materials such as tar paper or other membranes, so they are fairly simple to repair. The easiest way to do this is by applying another layer of roofing felt. You don’t have to rip off the current one, just cover it with a new damp-proofing material.

Depending on the extent of the damage, different materials can be used. The most popular, of course, is felt, which is cheap, effective and relatively easy to install. The roll rolls out well, and hot installation is effective and durable. Therefore, this method is still used even on large structures.

How to repair a leaking sheet metal roof

The best method for repairing minor damage to a tin roof is to use a polymer resin. Once it is applied and dries, it forms a tight coating that is resistant to many factors such as moisture, high and low temperatures, and UV rays.

Polymer resin is very easy to apply. It is no different from painting. You use a brush to spread it, and the resin is sold in a can. Importantly, it gains water resistance just a few hours after being applied to your tin roof.

Repairing roof gutters

According to the experts at, a common cause of flooding in your home is broken roof gutters. They may have holes in them, they may be clogged, or they may have become disconnected. Repairing gutters is not complicated and does not require specialized knowledge. The most convenient way to push through the obstructed sections is with a pressure washer. It will effectively flush out leaves, moss and other debris that collect in the roof gutters.

Gutters made of plastic are connected by clamps that can be easily disassembled. After replacing the damaged elements the gutter should effectively drain rainwater, and you will not have to worry about further leaks. Tin gutters, on the other hand, also require protection against corrosion. The simplest solution is to paint a given element with anti-corrosion paint.

Leaky roof – now you know how to deal with it

As you can see finding the place of the leak and its repair in the roof are not so difficult. You just need to know where to look for leaks and how to fix them. We hope that our tips will help you with this task. You also know what equipment and materials will work best for the job.

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