While in many cases, people decide to go for a bathroom remodel to improve its overall appearance, the first goal should be first and foremost to make your bathroom as practical as possible. The worst thing you could do is fall in love with a particular design you saw and try to replicate it when your particular space doesn’t allow for it.

In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to make your bathroom more functional through remodeling.

How to Improve Your Bathroom’s Functionality Through a Bathroom Remodel

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Make Sure That the Toilet isn’t the First Thing You See

At first glance, whether you see the toilet first when you open the door may not look like a big issue, but think about it like this – if you happen to leave your bathroom door open often, wouldn’t you like to have a prettier sight then just your toilet bowl standing there? Or if you’re trying to give your bathroom a spa like feel, then being welcomed by an open toilet bowl is sure to kill the mood. So, try to do everything in your power to make sure that your toilet isn’t the focal point.

Watch the Counter Height

Countertops on average will be about 32 to 34 inches off the floor. But you also have to take into consideration whether your sink will be adding to this height. If you decide to go for an above counter sink, then you’ll have to take the additional height into consideration as well.

Convert Your Tub into a Shower

Let’s be real, people don’t take baths as much as they used to, and if you’re one of these people who only has a bathtub for ornamental reasons, then you should definitely consider switching to a walk-in shower and get rid of that tub. Not only are walk-in showers more convenient, but they’re also much more versatile and just look better overall.

How to Improve Your Bathroom’s Functionality Through a Bathroom Remodel

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You could turn your walk-in shower into a sauna by going for a steam shower system for instance. Or have a few body jets installed as well. And what’s even better is that you’ll be able to save on installation since you won’t have to move or install plumbing elements as you’ll be using the same fixtures as your old setup. However, it would be wise to consult with a few contractors to see how much you should expect to pay for this type of bathroom remodel project.

Add a New Window

Humidity can have disastrous effects on your walls, and air flow is often insufficient in bathrooms. Adding a new window could help provide some much-needed ventilation and keep your bathroom’s air fresh while reducing the chance of mildew forming. While adding a fan could help, nothing beats natural ventilation.

Remodeling should not only leave you with a better-looking bathroom, but one you’ll actually enjoy using. Make sure that you follow the few tips in this article if you want the best looking and most functional bathroom you can get for your money.

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