There is a good chance that you drink water from the tap on a daily basis. Drinking water from the tap is extremely convenient and is the main way people get their water. Tap water has other uses as well, though it can be used to wash dishes and clean things around the house. However, one of the things people don’t think about is if their tap water is actually safe to use. While there is a good chance it is, the last thing you want to do is take a risk, especially if you are in a new location.

Here are some ways to ensure that your tap water is safe for use and drinking.

Get a Water Assessment

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your water is safe for daily use is by getting it assessed. All you have to do is call over a water company and they will come over and take a look at it. How do they analyze the water? They will study it and see if there are any chemicals or minerals in it that might exceed the recommended amount. Once they have had time to analyze their sample, they will get back to you and inform you if the water you have is safe or not. It is a fast and painless way to get your questions answered.

No Odors

Water should be an odorless liquid. If at any point you are running tap water and there is a strange smell emanating from it, there is a good chance that it is not safe for consumption or use. Your water should never have a smell to it and if there is, there is a strong chance the water is not safe. Call up a company to take a look for you and have them sort the issue out.

The Water is Clear

The next thing you have to look at with the water is the colour. Once again, water should be clear, and there should be no hints of colour in it at all. If your water is murky, it means that there is some type of contaminant getting into the pipes and making the water unsafe for drinking. The issue might go further than the pipes, though. Cities like Flint, Michigan, have not had safe drinking water for years now. If you notice that there is a strange colour in the water, call someone up instantly to take a look.

There is a Filtration System Installed

If you have just moved into the home and want to see if the tap water is safe, take a look to see if they have any sort of filtration system installed. If one is installed and it is in good condition, you can assume that the water in the house is going to be filtered and safe for drinking and using. Filtered water has a lot of benefits, so you should look into installing one in your home if it does not have one already.

The Pipes are In Good Condition

The next thing you have to look at with the water is the pipes themselves. Sometimes the water might look completely fine and not have any odors to it but still might not be safe for consumption. Take a look at the pipes in the home and see if there are any major glaring issues that need to be addressed. If there are internal pipe issues, it will be extremely difficult to spot without the help of an expert. If you are planning on moving into a new home, have a plumber inspect everything beforehand, so you know what you are getting into when you decide to move in finally.

Air Bubbles Could Mean There is an Issue

Most of the time, if your water has air bubbles in it, there is nothing to worry about. If this is a constant thing, however, it might be something you should look into. If there are air bubbles in the water as it comes out of the tap, it means that somehow oxygen is getting into the pipes. The oxygen itself is not an issue, but it could mean that other elements and chemicals are able to enter in and affect the water. If this is a constant thing, call up your plumber and have them take a look.

All of these are things you should look for when it comes time to determine if your water is safe. The last thing you want is to put yourself at risk by drinking contaminated water. Play it safe and get it assessed before anything serious happens.

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