When others stand, stand out. And when others stand out, be outstanding. You really don’t have to do whatever others are doing or look like they do. After all, what joy would be there if all wedding attendants wore black from head-to-toe? That’d be the height of monotony. A lady in yellow could be all that is needed to bring life to the otherwise dull wedding.

That applies to your devices too. Think of your laptop, phone, camera, headphones, vape pen, drone, water bottle, and the like. You can add some personal touch to make them easily recognizable from the crowd and, of course, have the pride of owning such devices.

Here are six brilliant ideas to personalize your devices:

Cover with Custom Skins

If you need to make a bold statement that you’re trendy and stylish, try custom skins. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, such as marble, classic artwork, wood, flowers, abstract, solid colors, national flags, sci-fi patterns, geometric shapes, street art, sports, and texture, among many others.

Aside from fashion, custom skins protect your devices from rain and other environmental elements. And when you accidentally drop your devices, the custom skin protects them from damage by acting as shock absorbers.

As custom skins for most devices won’t cost you much, you can replace them as often as you wish to so that your devices remain smart and presentable. You can even stock a variety for different occasions. What if a flower design for weddings and a national flag design for a political rally?

Cover with Transparent Skins and Printed Images

This is a slight tweak to the above-mentioned tactic of personalizing your devices. Instead of choosing a skin with some printed design, you can opt for clear skin and then underlay it with a high-quality image, probably of your loved one.

You need to print the picture to fit snugly at the back of your phone. If you have a smaller or bigger picture than your phone, your idea may not come out as beautiful as intended. Also, make sure to cut out the holes for the camera and/or spotlight.

Feel free to change the image whenever you need to.

Decorate with Stickers

Perhaps you want to retain the unique exterior characteristic of your device’s brand. Think of a laptop with an all-black design with a smooth, premium-feeling matte finish. The beauty suffices already, but you may still need some personal touch.

You can decorate it with stickers. Choose stickers with a clear background rather than a white one so that the design looks original. Three or five stickers at most will do. At least you don’t want it to look messy.

For consistency in the theme, use stickers from one strip. Remember to choose colors that blend well with the device’s exterior finish.

Change The Wall Paper

For phones and computers, a unique wallpaper is one sure way of identifying them when switched on. Take the example of an open plan office with several colleagues. Having every computer with the default desktop background is somewhat dull.

Let yours stand out by setting a cute wallpaper. If you love the tranquility of nature, go for a phenomenal photo of a mountain, desert, river, or glacier.

Make things even more exciting by installing a live wallpaper, which is a live video in motion instead of a still photograph.

Set a Screen Saver

Quite often, you get off your desk for some brief business elsewhere, but you delay in returning. Your computer doesn’t have to stay on until you come back. Who knows it may be displaying some sensitive information?

Use a screensaver to hide such information from prying eyes. The screensaver also serves as entertainment to whoever’s eyes land on the screen.

You have a myriad of options, including 3D text, electric sheep, the solar system, analog clock, drop clock, google earth, windmills, futuristic cities, live aquarium, dog licking screen, name it!

Set Custom Tones

Phones and most other electronic devices give you various notifications through tones. For instance, when someone calls, when you get a text message when your phone locks or unlocks, when the battery is low, etc.

You don’t want your devices’ tones to sound like those of everyone else. Choose tones that are unique to you so that you can quickly know that it’s your phone ringing or giving a notification.

Make sure that the tones you choose aren’t irritating to those around you. Also, set the volume depending on your working environment.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in regards to personalizing your devices, but at least you’ve got started.


Let your personality shine through your devices. Follow these tips above to create unique designs for your laptops and phones.

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