Do you find it difficult to get your dog into the shower in winter? That’s probably because you don’t know the tricks of doing the same. Check out our guide – how to shower your dog in winter below!

Taking care of your dog is the most challenging task. You would have to buy the best dog food online, bathe them well and ensure that they are in the pink of health.

But bathing becomes even more difficult when it is during winter. You don’t need to worry at all as your days running behind your dog for a bath are over. Check out the following tips regarding how to shower your dog in winter!

Use warm water

It is no secret that we all love a tub of warm water for our bath during winter. Thus, your dog is no exception. If you are bathing your dog at home, fill your bathtub with warm water. Allow your dog to touch the water slowly with its paws.

This way it will slowly get used to the temperature. Ensure that the water isn’t very hot or that your dog might run away from the tub. After your dog is acquainted with the water temperature, give it a good, warm, and gentle bath. Dogs usually like warm water. Therefore, it wouldn’t be that much of a hassle for you to bathe it.

Maintain warm room temperature

This trick is a prerequisite before showering your dog in winter. Turn up the heat in the room by 1 or 2 degrees. This allows your dog to feel warm and be accustomed to the temperature. You can now easily take your dog to the bathtub and shower it.

Turning up the heat also minimizes the chances of your dog catching cold right after it steps out from the shower. If you don’t have a central heating system, turn up your heater or make sure your dog is completely dry before stepping out of the shower, or else it might catch a cold.

Use the correct type of towel

Refrain from using regular towels to dry your dog. These regular towels tangle the fur of your dog. Furthermore, it also gets quite heavy when wet and becomes hard to manage.

Therefore, it is best to use a lightweight towel specially manufactured for drying dogs. These towels have a sponge construction which will draw water from the fur very quickly. Because of the smooth surface, it will refrain from tangling your dog’s fur.

Early bath hours

Though you bathe your dog later in the day during summer, you must change this during winter. It is best to shower your dog early during winter. This is mainly because your dog will get the entire day to dry its fur in the winter sun.

If you bathe it late in the day, it will get only a few hours of sun and may not dry itself completely. This will only increase the risk of developing a cold for your dog. Therefore, let your dog enjoy the winter sun!

Go for groomer service

The best way to shower your dog in winter is to opt for a groomer service. It can be your regular groomer with whom your dog is comfortable, or you could opt for a self-serve dog wash for a change.

Opting for your groomer might seem like an easy job as they will take care of everything from bathing, shampooing to drying. The self-serve dog wash is accessible in the sense that most of them have step-in baths where your dog can step in and will be cleaned.

Moreover, many of them have tubs at waist level, and therefore, you don’t have to bend over and strain yourself while washing your dog.

The self-serve dog wash is the safest and the best bet if you have big dogs, as you can easily fit them in the tubs at the service centre and don’t have to worry about clogging your drains with pet fur.


We have come to the end of our blog today. After following these tips, we hope that you find it a lot easier to shower your dog in winter. Have a nice day!

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