In the vibrant marketplace of Jiangsu, China, Huai’an Zhongshuge stands as a futuristic haven, a brainchild of visionary designer Li Xiang from X+Living. The space unfolds with colossal celestial apparatus, redefining indoor environments with exaggerated three-dimensional wonders that defy the conventional cityscape.

Li Xiang’s design introduces intertwined star rings, creating a celestial spectacle within the store, reminiscent of astronomical wonders. The interior, dominated by black wood grain bookshelf walls and delicate marble textures, extends into an infinite space. Irregular structures, mirroring the laws of celestial motion, form precise and massive mechanical components, breaking the monotony of concrete surroundings.

Upon entering, visitors are immersed in a profound sense of scale distortion, as if navigating the interior of celestial instruments. The room, adorned with tiny pages, unfolds hidden worlds within. X+Living’s team describes it as, “like astronomical instruments rising from the sea of stars, releasing marvelous gravity, with swirling light strips casting ethereal shadows.” Huai’an Zhongshuge becomes a symbolic wormhole, a tangible, spiritual manifestation suspended in the urban sky.

Li Xiang’s design philosophy resonates throughout the space, framing the city as a product of desires and architecture as the creator of dreams. In a modern society where dreaming is often lost, this space offers a retreat from reality — a place to reflect, detach, and rediscover oneself. As Li Xiang notes, “Briefly escaping from reality is a genuine way to rediscover oneself.” Huai’an Zhongshuge bookstore stands as a bridge between tradition and futurism, inviting patrons to journey through celestial wonders within the heart of Jiangsu.

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