Tissue paper is an item many people use in their everyday lives. In most cases, we use them directly from the box. However, if you want to add some personal touch to it, there are many playful tissue case or cover designs. The Rotary Hero – Moai Tissue Box Holder is a good example. Pulling tissue from Moai’s nose must be an interesting experience.

Japanese creator ミチル Michiru (@mitiruxxx) posted his own tissue case design on his Twitter account recently. In Michiru’s design, you can see tissue paper contained in a translucent, light blue case. With the tissue sticking out, it looks just like a cross-sectional reproduction of an iceberg floating in the sea. There’s even a polar bear on the surface to make the illusion complete.

This tissue paper case with an iceberg motif went viral. However, it is still a concept now. And there is no estimation when the product can hit on market. Just having a case like this in your room could even make you feel just a bit cooler, which is a great idea for the warmer months of the year.

h/t: grapee

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