When I first saw Ukraine-based artist Nikita Busyak‘s work, I thought that was a kind of “magic”. Although Busyak does do a great job of sketching, it won’t make me amazed. The golden light, which glows out of the window, makes me wonder, how he does that?

Just like a simple flick of the switch in the dark room, everything suddenly becomes different. The normal architectural drawing seem to become alive now. Those gold, warm light makes you think there is a small world exists within these two-dimensional renderings.

Then, what is the trick? Honestly, I am a bit disappointed when I found out Busyak did that by digital manipulation or photoshopping. After finish a sketching, Busyak will photograph his illustration in dim lighting, then digitally add light and shadows in his sketches. From classical European structures to a solitary cabin in the woods to a block of apartment buildings, this subtle detail gives the sketching an alluring and intimate ambiance.

I am not sure is Busyak the first one who tries to do that. If so, I will say that is a really brilliant idea to make ordinary things extraordinary.

Below are some of Busyak’s illuminated work, and you can find more on his Instagram.

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