Honestly, without knowing the background, I definitely will think these pictures of tigers and lions are photography instead of painting. However, the truth is, these are acrylic painting works by UK-based artist Julie Rhodes.

These realistic works capture the many fine details of large felines, from their intricate fur patterns to their graceful silhouette and thick coats. Often, these paintings depict a close-up portrait of the predator surrounded by a solid black background. This striking contrast emphasizes the vivacity in the cat’s coloring—especially in their luminous eyes. Seriously! How can that be painting! That just looks so realistic!

According to Rhodes “My mission is to capture every detail and give the viewer the experience that they are in the room with a life-size lion or tiger. Many of my paintings are larger than life as I love to give them a feeling of presence.”

These original paintings usually cost around £1000 to purchase. The prints are around £25.00 to £40.00. If you want to look for a unique wall art for your home or a special gift, that can be a great option. But if you just want to see more of Rhodes’ work. You can check her Instagram to keep up to date.

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