The pipe leaks are very common in compressed water systems. The key to address this issue properly is by knowing how to detect and repair it because the costs of even small leaks can turn into the large costs if it is left unattended.

With the efficient management of aging water pipes, leaks can be easily identified and repaired ultimately resulting in reduced water outages and economic losses. To detect visually all the existing in the system leaks is quite impossible. Certain measures should be done before the problem is eliminated.

The reasons why leaks appear may be numerous, but the methods of their detection are pretty much the same. The application of reliable auxiliary devices is a pledge of good-quality maintenance. Especially after the calculation has shown that the loss is big, detection of the location and size of the leaks is a number-one task.

Preliminary measures are always better than repair;

Monitoring of the compressed air network for sure takes some time, but this procedure is absolutely cost-efficient and pays back by long-term, highly productive operation of the whole equipment.

The following are equipment that you can use to detect leaks.

Drain cameras system

Drain cameras system can quickly and easily find and identify blockages or damage to storm water drains, plumbing pipes and sewer systems. To inspect the pipes and find possible problems, a special sewer video camera head connected to a flexible cable is inserted into the main sewer line cleanout, or in some cases, the vent stack and snaked through the pipes. Then our Sydney plumber watches on a monitor at ground level to see what’s going on in your pipes.

The ultrasonic detector

Ultrasonic detector utilizes high-frequency sound produced by a pressurized gas escaping from a vessel to identify a leak. As the name implies ultrasonic leak detectors detect the ultrasonic sound of a leak. You are probably familiar with the hissing sound a large leak makes.

Smaller leaks also emit sound. However, the frequency is too high for our ears to detect it. An ultrasonic leak detector lets the ultrasonic hissing sound be heard, and leads you to the source where the leak can be pinpointed.

Acoustic water leak detection

Another effective way to find leaks in underground water pipes is with acoustic water leak detection equipment. This technology is based on the principle that as water escapes through the leak a mechanical vibration is generated and this vibration is audible with acoustic water leak detection equipment.

When there is no pressure in the pipe because it is partially full or there is a complete rupture, mechanical vibration is not generated and the leak cannot be detected acoustically. Different acoustic water leak detection equipment is used in the three stages of active leakage control designed for water distribution networks by the international water loss taskforce, localization, location and pinpointing.

Just like choosing an instrument,

Choosing the right pipe leak detection system for your application will depend on a number of factors, such as

  • pipeline size
  • installation restrictions
  • product, and
  • budget

A local plastic pipe, fitting, and valve distributor can be a valuable resource in helping you find the best pipe leakage detection system. As experts in the industry, distributors have a deep understanding of different pipe leakage detection systems available in the market. They can provide you with detailed information about various systems, including their features, capabilities, and technologies.

Distributors typically have access to a wide range of products from various manufacturers. They can offer you options from different brands and suppliers, ensuring you have a comprehensive selection to choose from. This allows you to compare different systems and select the one that aligns best with your budget and requirements.

This article tackles the problem of detecting leaks in your process. However, once you find out you have a leak, you still need to locate and repair it. You can also entrust the gas leaks to get the best results.

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