A pool cleaner is an amazing innovation that takes much of the stress out of cleaning your pool. A pool cleaner is a machine that works to automatically clean debris from the surface of your water. And some can even be used to scrub the sides of your pool walls as well.

There are a lot of options on the market, however, and you want to pick the best cleaner for your pool.

Tip 1: Make Sure it Can Handle Your Debris

Different kinds of pool cleaners are better at handling coarse or fine debris. If you have a lot of acorns in your pool, you’ll want a pool cleaner that can handle large particulate matter.

Tip 2: Is the Pool Cleaner Better for Above or In-Ground Pools

Different pools are in different shapes and can be above or in the ground. This means that they have different strength liners, and certain pool cleaners may be too aggressive at cleaning. Look at reviews to see if the pool cleaner you’re interested in is good at cleaning algae from tile grout or is suitable for above-ground pools.

Tip 3: Vinyl Pools Are More Delicate, Get One That Won’t Damage Your Liner

Particularly when you have a vinyl pool lining, you want to make sure that your pool won’t be damaged by an automatic pool cleaner.

Tip 4: Choose Between Suction and Pressure Systems

These are the two ways most pool cleaners operate, either with a suction or pressure system. Pressure systems are usually best for medium to larger-sized pools, or pools that consistently have a lot of large debris in the water.

Tip 5: Make Sure it Fits Your Budget

In the end, you want your new pool cleaner to be perfect for your needs. This includes fitting it with your budget.

Whatever You Decide, Get Your Pool Cleaner in One Place

You want to get the best pool cleaner for the best price, so shop around all of your local pool equipment stores. Most have a wide range of pool cleaning products that can fit your needs and budget.

If you have any questions about these products, feel free to contact Pool Equipment Price Slashers in Perth.

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