Manami Sasaki must love toast a lot. Otherwise, she won’t keep using bread as material / canvas for her creation. No matter it is full of Japanese style toast art (previous 1, previous 2) or a bit odd sandwich shoe, bread makes the main part of her design.

This is a vegetable toast with a focus on deliciousness! Each part of the pattern is made of a different type of bread. And all these parts are glued together with flour and water. At last, the bottom of the shoe is cut off and some fresh vegetable is stuffed in.

As a shoe made from bread, it is incredibly detailed. It even can be laced! Too bad Sasaki doesn’t mention which she use for that part. This is very impressive work. Even though I’ve seen many types of edible sculptures, it is still the first time I see an edible shoe. And it still makes me feel weird to see someone put their shoe in the mouth, regardless it is made of toast.

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