When we stay at home and have more time on our hands, what you will do? Get up a bit later? Or prepare yourself a different breakfast which you never have time to make before? Japanese designer Manami SasakiManami Sasaki has embarked on a series of creative stay-at-home breakfasts using slices of bread as her canvas to create incredible breakfasts that inspired by Japanese Culture.

Zen garden, sakura, KintsugiKintsugi, GeishaGeisha, all these Japanese culture can be found on those toast. Use the zen garden as example, Sasaki used sour cream for the base and raked it with a fork to mimic patterned sand. The she used matcha powder to represent moss, while macadamia nuts and walnuts were artfully placed to look like rocks.

All the ingredients on these toast are editable, however, I am not sure I actually want to eat some of them. For example, I will never give a try to the bread covered with tomato sauce, margarine, mint leaves and mustard. Just can’t imagine how it will taste like! In this case, I guess these toast is just a type of “artistic creation” and not something for eating.

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Ingredients: sour cream, nuts, matcha

Ingredients: sour cream, seaweed, tomatoes, basil, paprika, purple cabbage, ketchup

Ingredients: sour cream, edible gold leaf and ketchup

Ingredients: mixed blueberry jam and chocolate

Ingredients: tomato sauce, margarine, mint leaves, mustard

Ingredients: margarine, kelp

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