It is only two weeks less away from Halloween, one of the most celebrated holiday. Have you got your costume ready? Want to be the most eye-catching people in the party? Take a look at below amazing makeup created by Nikki Shelley who uses face paints to create a variety of different monsters and terrifying faces. As a self-taught makeup artist, Shelley started painting her kids’ faces for Halloween then her husband. Then she started her more serious makeup journey, started to think of ways she could make her work different. The result is quite impressive, you can easily tell from her terrifying Halloween series. Check her facebook page to get more inspiration of her face painting work. If you live close to her, you can even hire her to paint you.

Please notice, most of the Nikki Shelley’s work have been removed here due to it is a bit too shocking. Sorry about that if you come over to get some terrifying experience. Click here to see our other Halloween Makeup collection.

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