In the hands of an artist, paper can be anything. And some of those paper crafts are so real that you can not tell they are made of paper. Just like Ann Wood of Woodlucker, who is known for her realistic paper blooms, delicate winged insects, mouth-watering fruits and more recently, fantastic mushroom. Each sculpture is handmade. However, with proper setting, you won’t even recognize they are made by paper.

Wood’s work is informed by what’s around her. “Nature is an endless source of inspiration. I am an avid gardener and grow models of what I create in paper during the summer. Right now, I am reading and learning more about mushrooms to help me understand their intricate details.”

I guess that fully explained the reason why Wood’s mushrooms are so realistic. Not only mushroom, to make life-like wood branch for her paper mushrooms to sit on, Wood takes a walk outdoors to do research on what a partially moss-covered branch looks like before creating her own and attaching the fungi to it.

All these delication to details make Wood’s sculptures one-of-a-kind. Scroll down to see some of Wood’s latest pieces, and follow her on Instagram to see what she’s working on next.

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